Zerobase offers a one-stop web development service from business strategy to design, implementation and operation.


  • Futuristic Restaurant

    We created some prototypes to demonstrate a possible future of restaurant services with smart glasses, Bluetooth beacons, tablets, and projectors.

  • Hidden Vacant Houses in Suburbs

    We designed a journalistic data visualization which is regarded as one of the most advanced practices in data journalism in Japan.

  • iQON

    We helped to design the initial version of iQON's iPhone app. iQON is known as the biggest fashion social networking service in Japan, and its mobile apps got Apple's App Store Best award and invited Google I/O.


    We are developing a cross-media self-publishing platform BCCKS since 2010. BCCKS enables users to publish and distribute their content on paper and digital media including Amazon Kindle.

  • Ponpare

    We built the Japan's biggest Groupon-ish service Ponpare (pronounced as 'pon-per-ray') in 2010. By agile software development and lean startup methods, we helped the client to enter the market in just seven weeks. This agility made it success to beat hundreds of competitors in so-called 'Groupon-race.'


  • Hideto Ishibashi, President / Information Architect
  • Kotaro Tanaka, Technical Director
  • Mami Kurokawa, Designer
  • Hajime Nagatomo, business and service planner
  • Tomotsugu Kaneko, Engineer
  • Sunao Morozumi, Designer
  • Kana Igarashi, UX Designer/Director

Company Information

Name Zerobase Inc
Headquarter Shinjuku 2-15-1, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded Sep 1, 2004
Director Hideto Ishibashi
Total equity 10 million yen
Industry Web development


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  • Address: Akiba BLDG #301, Shinjuku 2-15-1, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan


Entrance of Akiba Building